How to Move Content Between Samsung Smartphones

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2017)

Buying a new smartphone is pretty exciting and after you changed your device, you may want to transfer all the data from your old phone to the new one. After all, you cannot leave the sensitive data such as contacts, messages, notes, music, videos, etc. behind and start from a scratch. To transfer all the data from one phone to another can be very hectic because most of the smartphones has compatibility issues with other brands.
Thankfully, there are too many phone to phone transfer tools are available on the internet that can move all the files from your old phone to the new one within minutes. It is a great relief because earlier we didn’t have this option and we had to manually feed in all the data which was very inconvenient.
Generally, people uses phone to phone transfer tool to move all the data from the previous phone to the newer one but it has some severe drawbacks such as OS compatibility issue and data usually couldn’t be transferred with ease. Fortunately, there are two great photo to phone transfer alternatives that we are about to share in this article.

Alternate #1: Samsung Kies

People are switching more and more to Samsung smartphones due to its endless features that are not provided in any other brands. Luckily, Samsung has made its own tool called Kies for Samsung users so that they can transfer data from one Samsung photo to another.

Key features:

  • Data can be transferred with USB data cable or Wi-Fi
  • Copy pictures, videos, music, etc. from Samsung to PC.
  • Backup and restore easily.
  • Attractive UI. Easy to understand.
  • Supported with the latest Samsung Galaxy series as well.


  • Compatible with Mac, Windows and Ubuntu.
  • Allows you to manage your device from computer.
  • Backup of one device can be restored on another device.
  • Easily manage contacts and messages from the tool.


  • Exclusive available for Samsung Users only.
  • It is not compatible with any other Android smartphone except Samsung.
  • Cannot connect two phones directly. You must use transfer data to your PC first.

Alternate #2: Third Party Phone-to-Phone Transfer Software

With Androidphonesoft, it doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone brand you are using, it allows you transfer data from one phone to another with just 1 click. No need to copy data on your computer first, MobileTrans can directly transfer data from your old phone to the new one. It helps to exchange files and data between different OS phones such as Android, Apple, Symbian, Windows and do on.

Key Feature:

  • Transfer over 45+ data types which includes SMS, contacts, notes, documents, music, pictures, videos, calendars, app, and app data and so on.
  • Backup your Android phone to PC.
  • Restore data from iTunes, iCloud, Blackberry and Kies and extract them to the new smartphone.
  • Compatible with latest Android 7 and iOS11.
  • Dedicated lifetime free support.


  • Supports varieties of operating systems like Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Apple.
  • One-Click backup option is available.
  • Erase data from old phone to save extra space.
  • No data loss quality.
  • Directly send files from one to another.
  • Get your phone connected to PC wired or wirelessly via Wi-Fi.


  • Not a free software. Must be registered to enjoy full benefits.

The basic idea of using this app is to install the program on your Mac or Windows desktop computer and get both of your phones connected with USB data cable wires. Simply choose all the files that you wish to transfer from one phone to another and press “Start Transfer” to copy all the information from your old phone to the new one.

The transferring process is tremendously simple with Androidphonesoft guide, and it factually takes only 1 click to transfer any data from your one smartphone to another.


So, these are the best 2 alternatives for phone to phone transfer tool. If you are a Samsung user then Kies is very nice and effective but at the same time it slows your computer and it can inconvenience to use in urgent times. On the other hand, Androidphonesoft is very lite program that runs very fast to give you the best experience. You will never have any fear of losing any data on your previous phone with the help of MobileGo.

If you know more alternatives then don’t forget to share it with everyone in the comments below.


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